Spycatcher Games

VENUE: Central London
CLIENT: International Software Company
EVENT: Part of a conference in London
THE MISSION – To discover the spy’s hideaway in the heart of London.
THE OBJECTIVE – To complete the mission in the shortest time with the most clues.

A classic Treasure Hunt set around the historic streets of London. Solving cryptic clues and identifying unusual photographs at great landmarks culminating with a further challenge to locate the transport for the second stage.

The teams joined forces with a taxi driver and his vehicle to find solutions to each clue, these in turn lead on directly to the next part of the puzzle. Help is always at hand to ensure that nobody gets left behind and everyone has fun, assistance is bought at a cost which may hinder the chance of victory! Each team must locate and collect a number of specific items using imagination and initiative (creative talents are a plus here) and then produce photographic evidence that they have visited certain locations, e.g. 10 Downing Street, Houses of Parliament etc.