State of the art mobile phone technology allows teams to take part in highly competitive events and undertake hi-tech interactive missions.

The challenge is to undertake a wide variety of tasks with the aid of the latest mobile phones which we will provide for the event.

These fast and ingenious concepts use the latest secure, tried and tested software which will keep all participants excited and fully engaged.

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We provide the phones!

When we are asked to use mobile phone challenges for provide the phones ourselves as this means you can step away from what’s going on elsewhere and focus on a blank phone.

We often use the latest android phones instead of Apple devices as OSM Events GB feels that the iPhone doesn’t offer as great benefits as the Samsung.

Starting from Monday the 19th March, we will be using the BRAND NEW Samsung S9. Some accessories you may notice on these phones are the snazzy phone cases and a fish-eye camera. All of this is a part of the exercises that we ask our attendees to take part in.

The phone case that we have ordered for these devices is from Wrappz. All cases provided by our team feature our standard OSM Events GB logo. You can also design your very own S9 case.


Choose from a series of options or contact us to discuss the best selection for your corporate requirement:

  • The Creative Challenge – action-packed, imaginative and highly varied missions undertaken in a pre-selected city or town location.
    • Deadline – case oriented strategy game calling for quick decisions and meeting deadlines.
    • Target 10 – strategic thinking and creative problem solving. Visit 10 famous locations in a great city where good planning and strategy will outwit rivals.
    • Code Hunt – a quick breath of fresh air from a conference or meeting. Hunt and locate crucial phone codes which will give you access to bonus questions and brain teasers hidden in the cell phone.

All the challenges are ideal for all aspects of team building and personal development. Highly competitive, fully interactive, full of surprises, digital and immediate – your event manager can keep you updated with your up to the minute score and those of your rivals.

Our experienced staff will give you a careful briefing to ensure everyone is confident with the operating details of the phones and will be on hand for help and advice during the event which normally lasts about 2 to 2 ½ hours.

At the conclusion of the event, at a pre-arranged location, scores are finalised and confirmed and then prize giving held.

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  • There is an option suitable for all locations
    • Suitable for tailoring for specific events or objectives
    • Cost effective
    • Labour- saving with action will managing the complete event