Corporate Yachting Days!

A life on the ocean wave- Corporate Yachting Days!
VENUE: Lymington on the Solent Hampshire
CLIENT: Web Site Designer
EVENT: Company multi-activity away day.
Divided into three stages this exciting challenge is perfect for any budding Ellen Macarthur’s!

The event is divided into three stages. The first being timed section from sailing to Cowes on the Isle of Wight identifying photographic clues en route up the Solent. This leisurely cruise makes a great introduction into the fine art of sailing a large yacht.

The second stage is a land-based treasure hunt and short tour around the historic town of Cowes, the center of international sailing.

The final stage is straight race back down the Solent into the wind calling for good team effort in exhilarating conditions – a great experience!

The day is a perfect event for team building with every member of the crew using their various skills both physical and mental in a thrilling and rewarding event.