Berkshire Car Treasure Hunt

Berkshire Car Treasure Hunt
VENUE: Berkshire Countryside
CLIENT: International Car Manufacturer
EVENT: Sales Division Day Celebrating A Years
Achievements And Planning Forthcoming

The major carmaker required a whole day of events to focus the team on what had been achieved and a vision for future growth. The day was divided into three distinct sections.

The morning was devoted to a meeting to highlight all these aspects pulling in ideas and observations from all the participants.

The afternoon was given over to a car rally treasure hunt with the group being divided into teams of four, which were then allocated top of the range cars from the current range for their use. The rally required teams to follow a set route and to solve cryptic clues and undertake various challenges along the route making it necessary for teams to delegate tasks to individual members. Stress was made on the need for safe, careful driving at all times and the event was designed that there was no need for cars to exceed speed limits or compromise their own or anybody else’s safety. The route brought them through some classic countryside and historic villages returning to the hotel conference centre. A well-deserved tea was followed by the results and prizes with some very interesting submissions from some teams.

The evening consisted of a murder/mystery dinner. Tables competed against each other to solve a murder that was acted out in brilliant and hilarious style by our group of professional actors. Scenes were performed at various times through the evening along with set times where tables had the opportunity to interrogate the suspects. The evening concluded with teams submitting their solutions to the crime after which the terrible moment was re-enacted and the winning team was then announced.

Throughout the day key elements of the company’s objectives were tailored into the various events and the director was very pleased with the way in which he had been able to get his message across whilst also giving his team a well earned day out which was thoroughly enjoyed.