Country pursuits

Country pursuits

Exciting opportunities to try field sports including shooting, falconry and many other skills


An exciting diversity of activities suitable for any Hotel or Conference centre with its own suitable private grounds or we can locate a suitable location for you.

Country Pursuits are a wonderful option for team building, celebration or simply for fun. The event can be designed as a fully competitive team activity or an opportunity to try out some very different events.
Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Falconry, Gun Dog Handling, Duck Herding, Ferret Racing, Segways and a whole host of Team Puzzles and tasks. Enormous choice, loads of fun and an incredible variety of skills to experiment with.

DESIGN: This is the ideal outdoor team development activity for a group get together at a great location whilst teams discover a whole range of new talents with the aid of highly experienced and fully trained instructors who will ensure that you get the very best out of each activity.

Action will liaise with you prior to the event to design and tailor the perfect experience for your individual or corporate requirements. Whether you have selected your venue or you would like to us to assist with sourcing the perfect place and we will tailor the selected events to fit the venue and your time frame.

A Briefing will be given to highlight all the challenges and giving special attention to all aspects of health and safety to ensure that everyone gets the maximum pleasure without concern. Each event will have its own experienced staff with all the correct professional equipment that will look after the individual needs and skills required. The event will conclude with a summing up and prize giving.


• An exciting way of developing a new team spirit with your corporate colleagues
• Ideal as part of a reward programme or a company celebration
• The perfect product as an outlet from a conference bringing employees together
• A thank-you for UK and international clients
• Find new talents within your team
• Improving team communication
• A bonding exercise for new staff


• Action will manage the whole event giving the group organiser(s) the chance to be fully involved
• Suitable for hotel/ conference centre with private grounds
• Cost effective
• Can be adapted to suit your time frame