Stratford-upon-Avon Drama

Stratford-upon-Avon – Much Ado
This event was staged for a large exhibition organiser for their annual away day. The client wished to reward the team with a fun day out at the end of a hard but successful year.

The large group were collected from their offices by coaches and driven to Stratford to a hotel conference suite. The event was a walking treasure hunt around the historic centre of Shakespeare’s town. The group was divided into teams who had got into the spirit of the day by wearing team T-shirts and badges not to mention some other interesting costumes! The objective was to trace a walking route around the great sights of historic Stratford undertaking various challenges, which encouraged teams to delegate tasks to individual members whilst ensuring that they kept together at all times.

The event concluded with their return to the hotel for a barbecue lunch followed by the results and prize giving which took place amidst great laughter and banter.

The afternoon left the group at leisure to explore the town, enjoy a bit of retail therapy or just chill out in the great surroundings. All agreed that they had had a special day and were sad to leave when the time came to board the coach for the return journey.

NB The above example is a summary of one particular event. We will tailor your event to reflect specific objectives, budget, time frame, catering (if required), venues and any other specific requirements.