Cookery Quest

Cookery Quest
VENUE: London
CLIENT: International Strategy Consulting Firm
EVENT: The challenge is not only to cook the food but to find it?
The event was planned as part of an introductory programme for international internees.

The briefing took place at the client’s offices after a buffet lunch and the group was divided into groups of four.

Teams were given lists of key ingredients for an oriental dish which had to be sourced from a selection of London locations famous for fine foods. This had to be done within a set time to and they were provided with classic London cabs to help with the food hunt. Bonus points were given for the quality and variety of the acquired items. As proof of their visit teams had to provide photographic evidence of visiting these places and some very interesting photos were submitted!

The teams then made their way to the cookery location which was a specialist cookery school where a professional chef was on hand to give instructions and provide assistance to the contestants. The groups were given a set dish to create within a set period of time. Amidst an atmosphere of good spirited competition and frenetic activity some classy dishes were presented. While the final points were being calculated, teams had the chance to sample all the dishes and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The event concluded with a prize giving to declare the kitchen gods and goddesses. Everyone agreed that it had been a highly motivating and hugely enjoyable challenge and had given everyone a great appetite!